INSET is a rapidly growing company founded in 2017 and reorganised in 2020.

The main priorities in our cooperation with the clients are efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

The experience gained by each and every specialist throughout many years of work in the OFFSHORE, ONSHORE as well as MARITIME and SHIPYARD INDUSTRY projects has enabled us to apply technical solutions which are highly acclaimed by our regular customers.

Managers, team leaders and technicians always perform their work in compliance with the DNVGL, BV, TUV RHEINLAND, PRS and RINA Standards.

We provide technical services worldwide. Our highly qualified technicians may are capable of reaching your project’s location within 48 hours following your order.

Our policy is based on the principles of Health and Safety along with Quality, which hold an equal status with all the other main business objectives.

INSET Company strives to conduct its projects in such a manner as to eliminate any harm to the personnel, third parties or damage to the facilities.

Commencing cooperation with us you will prove beneficial to you due to our commitment to quality throughout the entirety of the project’s process.


Based on experienced team leaders and technicians INSET company is able to make new installation at Industrial Objects and Ships.

  • Cable laying
  • Cable trays installation
  • Cable termination
  • Mark cable system
  • Cable installation to devices
  • System commissioning

We share our experience and knowledge. We collaborate with each other and our customers, and we continue to grow and develop as a result.


The repair or renewal of an existing installation on industrial facilities or ships is a frequent inquiry from our customers.

We are able to generate and adapt to the existing systems while maintaining their work standards. The main advantage is the ability to select subassemblies and cables to the extant elements of the electrical installation in compliance with the classification societies.

Electrical Cabinets Prefabrication

The ability to optimize time in prefabricating switchboards is the main domain of our technicians. The experience gained during many years of contracts with regular clients allowed us to perform the work in accordance with the agreed quality of work. Electrical ethics and standards are crucial aspects in the prefabrication of electrical cabinets for sectors such as: power plants, server rooms, ship’s engine room, main switchboards, auxiliary boxes.

Mechanical fitting
Conveyors / switchboards / cable trays / industrial facilities

Conveyors are frequent elements of sorting parcels, mail, production, and warehouses. We are experienced in technical assistance during assembly and installation of roller, belt and bucket conveyors.

Mechanical installation of main switchboards and auxiliary boards is performed in accordance with the documentation prior to the installation of electrical devices and after tests (disassembly in the workshop, transport to the installation site and reassembly - industrial facilities and ships). We are knowledgeable about safety and security during transport.

Cable trays are usually the first component prior to installing cables. Therefore, they must be made according to the designer's intention and the realities on site. Quick and effective installation allows to fit into the plan of the entire project chain. Our mechanics are certified to weld using the 135/136/141/111 method. Fitting works are performed under control.

Installation of industrial structures, i.e. industrial robots, steel structures, conveyors, elevators, platforms, stairs, ladders, etc.

Shipyard works

The implementation of electrical installations requires a lot of experience, especially when participating in the entire project’s process.
Our team constantly participates in ship repairs and new construction projects. We mainly specialize in the expansion of power supply systems,
reconstruction of main switchboards, parallel operation of auxiliary engines, installation of new power supply and control systems.


INSET technicians perform electrical and assembly work on industrial facilities.

The work includes:

  • installation of conveyors,
  • industrial machinery,
  • construction elements,
  • construction of cable routes,
  • electrical installations,
  • construction of switchboards.

We participate in a process of maintenance. We are experienced in working on projects for DHL, AMAZON, EDEKA, SPARR, FedEX, and international airports.


We are able to repair the device for you or simply make a new one on components.

We prefabricate switchboards and rewind electric motors.

What is more, we carry out inspections of devices with a guarantee.


We perform the inspections and maintenance of circuit breakers. The next step is to test under load and work with a current protection.

We issue a certificate for everything with the test report. All the work is performed under the supervision of our experienced team in laboratory conditions.


We manage electrical projects from the moment of planning through the selection of materials and execution to the implementation and commissioning.

Site managers are experienced and certified by a diploma staff with the necessary qualifications to perform this task


Thermovision measurements on ships, oil rigs and industrial facilities. We have necessary equipment from FILAR with calibration certification. We perform a full measurement with a graphic report, description and recommendations.

Measurement of insulation resistance on ships and industrial facilities.

Illuminance measurement.


Comprehensive CCTV installations along with the selection of the manufacturer, materials and customer needs.

We plan and implement installations on industrial facilities and ships.

Real-time connection possible.


We focus on experience.

Our staff, technicians and subcontractors have certificates and training that allow them to perform work in accordance with the standards and quality.

Technical Department

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